Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Art Of The Scarf

In 1956, Grace Kelly, American actress turned queen of Monaco, used her Hermes scarf as a sling for her broken arm making it both functional and fashionable. Through the years, iconic legends such as Queen Elizabeth, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe have used a scarf as a shield from the press. And today many celebrities are keeping the scarf very hip and cool.

Take Jessica Alba, who sports a scarf nearly year round. In the chilly winter it adds warmth. At the beach it becomes a cover up, and on a cool summer night the scarf adds the dash of color to her neutral outfits.

The French have known for years how to toss on a scarf as a traditional piece. Here in the US we tend to go for the trendy. A scarf easily transitions between the two styles.

The Burberry-inspired scarfs in store now are a fabulous addition to your wardrobe. Below are some easy ways to rock a scarf.
• Use a mousseline scarf for a neck tie.
• Make a scarf bolero (tie ends together).
• Fashion a plisse (a knife-pleated scarf) into a headband.
• Turns the scarf into a halter top to wear under a jacket during the day and alone for sexier occasions.
• Use a scarf ring or add a pin for a more traditional look.
• Add a pop of color as a belt. Twist the knot to the back for a cummerbund.

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