Thursday, January 29, 2009

From Your Valentine at Speck Boutique

In AD 270 Emperor Claudius, a pagon, believed that married men made poor soldiers so he banned marriage.  But St. Valentine believed in love and was secretly performing marriages for the young men that would come to him.   When Claudius found out, he imprisoned Valentine.  During his time in prison, St. Valentine met and fell in love with the blind daughter of his jailer.  It is said that from his love for the blind woman, and his faith, a miracle occured and the woman was healed.

Claudius was outraged, and ordered Valentine to be stoned and beheaded.  The St. left a farewell message for his love, which he signed "From Your Valentine".  And that phrase has been used ever since.  

Valentine's Day will soon be upon us.  People celebrate Valentine's day is many ways.  For some, it's a gift of candy, flowers, or a dinner out for their sweetie.  Others like a more lasting gift, like keepsake engraved jewelry.  If you have just started seeing someone, a gift can be tricky.  But you can always choose something adorable.  A cute pair of pajamas or a simple necklace or earrings will fit the bill. 

However you celebrate, don't forget to write a nice message to your honey, and sign it "From Your Valentine".    

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