Saturday, January 3, 2009


Chatting with one of my favorite customers today, the subject of New Years Resolutions came up.  Everyone makes them.  There are the usual resolutions to
save more money, or lose weight, or the newest - reduce your carbon footprint.   But my friend L tells me that her resolution is to live a Sex In The City lifestyle, but in her way.  

I needed clarification!  So, L tells me that her idea of a Sex In The City lifestyle consists of really wearing her clothes.  She has great hats, pins, earrings, etc. but she is always rushed to get out the door so an outfit never gets all the finishing touches.  L went through her closet and accessories and put together great looks, took digital photos, and attached it.  Pretty smart!  She made a list of what she was missing to complete some outfits.

Then L checked her shoes.  Some she had never worn because nothing really went with them.  She took a photo of them and attached this to her list.  Some of her shoes needed new heals so she brought them in to be repaired.  And some just needed to be trashed and replaced.

She took her shopping list with her today and bought only what she needed, and was thrilled with the great sales she was finding.

Yesterday she made a date with some friends that she just never seemed to have time to get together with.  They went out for cosmos (what else?!) and had a great time, vowing to do that once a month. 
Being a long-time-married woman, like myself, she also made a date with her husband.  She went into his closet and found some acceptable date night pants and a sweater (no jeans and sweatshirt she said) and they are going out for dinner this evening. 

And lastly, her goal is to be a joiner.  Get out there.  Stop letting life pass her by.  Words to live by, especially for me, the homebody.  I think L has the right idea.  She made an attainable resolution, one that she will enjoy and that makes use of what she currently has.     


Lisa said...

Teri read your post and called and told me she knew this was about me! You forgot to mention that I also decided I needed my hair long again. This cut just ain't cutting it!
Thanks for the props!

Downtown Susie Brown said...

Great post! We all have something to learn from your friend "L"! Live every day to the fullest and look fabulous doing it!

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