Saturday, March 21, 2009

OTBT Vineland Travel Shoe

OTBT Vineland are inspired by off the beaten track destinations of modern wayfarers. OTBT is the ultimate travel shoe for today's global citizen. Someone who wants to explore, discover, and relish life's kindred spirits along the way. 

Designed for those who know you can't see the world from a seat on a bus, the berth of a train, or the railings of a boat or porthole of a plane. 

So to all the roamers, rovers, and rolling stones who know the destination is the journey... ramble on!  

The MOST comfortable shoe with style to spare.  These shoes are a HAVE TO HAVE!  


Julia - Bard College said...

Hey - It's Julia from Bard. I am in love with these shoes. No more ugly Berkies! These shoes walked all of Disney and my feet were not sore at all. Thanks for the suggestion!

Amy G. said...

These sandals are the BEST! Please post a pic of the new styles when you get them. I will check the blog and then stop in. What a beautiful day in Saratoga!

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