Saturday, June 13, 2009

The July issue of Lucky Magazine is filled with all items under $100.00! That is what Speck Boutique is all about! Sure, you could buy a t-shirt for $80 or more, but should you? I invite you all to take the shopportunity to stop in and see us at Speck Boutique, 353 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY. We have tops, bottoms, shoes, and everything in between - at prices you have to see to believe.


Anonymous said...

I bought the black sandals with the red rose on them - wore them with a simple maxi dress. A woman we know complimented me on the shoes and I said I got them at Speck. She made the comment that "she only shops in the city". My husband told her that perhaps "we should only hire builders from the city also"! HA - snobby woman! said...

I heard about this last night! I guess I am not "well connected"! That's what I get for being an anti-social home body. I just don't rub elbows with that kind! HA! Tell your hubby I said I think he's pretty awesome.

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