Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 Trends I hope to see go away.

I will go out on a limb here and list a couple 2009 (or longer) trends that I hope will go away as we enter 2010. Firstly, the Vera Bradley backpack. I know I will hear all kinds of grumbling on this but to me Vera Bradley will always be a diaper bag. When my kids were young the Vera Bradley diaper bag was very in. The prints hid stains and you could throw it in the wash if "something" was to soil it (and by something, I mean poo). One high school girl told me that her school needed a "fugly bag exorcist" to rid the school of Vera Bradley. Students at parochial schools are required to wear a uniform yet do their best to individualize it. Students at public schools have the opportunity to be individuals, yet often fall into wearing their own version of a uniform just to fit in. Vera Bradley backpack, black fleece North Face jacket, side pony tail, and Ugg boots. One word. Boring.

Secondly, Pandora jewelry. My belief is that men come up with jewelry that you can add to. Like the Italian Charm bracelets. What could be better than not having to put any thought into a gift. Just buy another bead to add to the thread. Birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc. - just buy a bead. Ugh.

I am sure many disagree with me. That's fine. I just prefer fashion with some thought and imagination. Let's hope that cookie cutter looks are OUT!


Jenny said...

Completely agree with this post. Could we add madras shorts on men and leggings worn as pants?

Anonymous said...

Please add the Kate Gosselin shotgun blast hair cut. Unattractive on everyone.

Anonymous said...

And Juicy sweatsuits. No ones ass should have "Juicy" across it.

Anonymous said...

Low rise jeans. Muffin tops make me gag!

Lisa M said...

Ed Hardy trucker hats (or pretty much everything Ed Hardy) on women. Ugly.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Ed Hardy trucker hats. A little too "Jersey Shore" for me. You always see the Ed Hardy cap on a girl wearing jeans that are much too tight, wearing way too much makeup, and really, really loud.

verseastyle said...

ha ha ha too funny - agree on all and the Ed Hardy and Juicy comments above!

Jenna said...

Someone has to mention Crocs. So damn ugly. Plus, they make your feet smell. Crocs are great to wear for gardening (only gardening) but not much else.

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