Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Items you will NOT find at Speck Boutique

I blog a lot about things you can find in our store. But let's take a second and list the things you will NOT be finding in the store this Fall.

I am "of an age" where I have seen trends come and go. And there are some trends that should have stayed gone.

Let's start with the stirrup pants. They were bad enough back in the 80s, but now they are trying to make a come back - made of Latex. Sure, if you are channeling catwoman these might just be the ticket. But as a classy fashion statement ? Not so much.

Then there is Lindsay Lohan's Mr. President leggings - complete with quilted leather knee patches. Nothing screams slutty intern quite like these babies. How proud a mother would be to have her daughter wear these as a tribute to Bill and Monica. American History is important!

And one more - the overly fringed bags. I am torn. I don't know if I dislike these fringed bags because of my fear of Yeti's or Brett Michael's VH1 reality TV disaster Rock of Love. Both give me nightmares.

So I will save you the trip if you are looking for any of the above. You won't find them here.

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