Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BYOB - bring your own basics!

Basics - it's the keystone of your wardrobe.  About this time of year we are slowing starting to bring out our winter items.  Take a second to go through your basics.  Look to see what still works, what needs to be repaired, and what needs to be replaced.  Then see how you can add just a couple touches to update those basics for this year.

Remember one key element. Color:  It is important to know what colors compliment your skin tones and how adding in a bright belt or bag can make an outfit look fresh. 

Use the lighter shades of color next to your face in a shirt or scarf. Use deeper shades of complimentary colors in pants and sweaters. By using this technique, you will appear slimmer. Attention will be drawn to your face rather than your body and darker colors are more slimming. 

Layering: Layering in different colors and styles is extremely popular this winter season. It is another way to look slimmer while being stylish. Longer, light weight knits can be used without adding bulk. Start with the longest layered shirt first, then add shorter layers over. This elongates and is flattering to your body.

Add to your existing wardrobe by adding a shirt or jacket and you can get a whole new outfit. Replace those items in your wardrobe that will need to be replaced. When replacing your basic items such as pants and jeans, look for styles that are classic. It is less expensive to add trendy shirts in popular colors than it is to replace a high quality pair of pants or jeans. 

Check out new accessories.  Jewelry can easily update and add spark to any outfit. You do not have to purchase an expensive piece of jewelry to a fresh look.  Inexpensive, yet beautiful jewelry can be found. Changing your jewelry can give an outfit a totally different look. 

So bring in your basics and try on several options of jewelry, bright bags, and scarves.  You can change the look of your wardrobe with just a little bit of bling.

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