Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall features comfort, eco-friendly, sustainable products

Today, for me, was all about comfort.  I woke up to this dark and rainy day with comfort on my mind.  What does that mean for me?  Hot coffee when I get to the store.  And a putnam sandwich on wheat (it's that spicy honey mustard on a dreary day that works for me) from Putnam Market for lunch.  

And when I finally get my mind past food, it's about eco-friendly product lines that use fair labor practices and sustainable materials that are especially hot.  I know what you are thinking.  What a juxtaposition of comfort food and clothing.  But it is really not such a stretch.  They both make my day better, warmer, and more comfortable.  

I like knowing that carrying lines that are eco-friendly benefit everyone involved.  From the company, to my store, to my customers.  The product is awesome and made from super soft cottons.  The environment is healthy, the laborers are happy, and the price is right, etc.   Pair all that with NOAH bags (no animals harmed) made from waxed and brushed canvas that looks and feels just like top of the line suede.  Then toss on a headband from One-of-a-kind, made from re-purposed fabrics, find yourself a good book and what could be better? 

All of a sudden this dark, dreary day is looking better for everyone.  Ah - the comforts of Fall!

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Maya - Kentucky said...

I just read your new post and now I am missing Saratoga! You made me think of massages, putnam sandwiches, and shopping!

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